The Computational Materials, Mechanics, and Manufacturing Laboratory (CM3 Lab) at the University of Oklahoma aims at guiding the design and manufacturing of high-performance structural and functional materials via multi-physics and data-driven methods from subatomic to macro scale.



  • No undergraduate student research opportunities are currently available.
  • No graduate research assistant openings are currenctly available in our group.
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  • No postdoc openings are currently available in our group.
  • Self-funded, prospective visiting scholars/students are welcome to contact me.

These webpages may be useful to prospective or current graduate/undergraduate researchers in my lab:

Current members

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Undergraduate students


  • Mr. Luis Cervantes
    Research: Atomistic simulations of void-containing nanolaminates
    Undergraduate researcher in the CM3 Lab: 01/2024--05/2024
  • Luis

  • Mr. William Chadwell
    Research: Atomistic simulations of a void-containing Cu single crystal
    First Year Research Experience program
    Undergraduate researcher in the CM3 Lab: 01/2024--05/2024
  • William